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We have two goals at Pondera winery.

The first is to make the very best wines we possibly can - concentrated wines that are well balanced and distinct. 
We start by sourcing our fruit from great vineyards.

What makes a great vineyard you ask?  Among other things, a good site and a winegrower that is committed to producing a superior product.  They understand that the long arduous process of growing the fruit is an integral part of the whole process.
I am excited about being part of Washington wine.

The potential for our state is limitless.  There has been an explosion of wineries and vineyards in Washington and incredible wines are being produced, but we are still in our infancy.  The quality is getting better all the time and the best is yet to come.
I am proud that Pondera Winery will be involved in getting Washington the worldwide respect it deserves.

Though I look forward to making all types of wine, Bordeaux blends will be the primary focus of our winery.  As a winemaker, I intend to expand our offerings to include many other wines, but my primary focus will always be on making blends with the Bordeaux varietals and to surround myself with good people, good food and great wine.

This is what life is about.


Shane Howard, Winemaker




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